The Next-Gen Console Battle Begins…

So, Sony’s new Wi-Fi router Playstation console has finally been unveiled. It’s opponent? The Microsoft Air Purifier 3000X. Overused memes aside, the battle for gamers’ attention begins here. Will you be Team PS5 or Team Xbox? Does anybody actually care about console warz anymore?

I’ve just watched a twenty minute video recap of the Playstation 5’s announcement and initial game footage. Jokes about its similarity to a Wi-Fi router aside, I do actually dig the look of the console and the accessories. It’s all very fresh and futuristic-looking. I can’t say the same for the games however. Call me jaded or hard to impress, but it just looks like the same old stuff. The leap in realistic graphics from the PS4 is also far less noticeable than previous leaps, which certainly doesn’t help with the whole being wooed obective of a new console generation reveal. This was, of course, entirely expected when we’ve witnessed ever-diminishing returns over the past two decades; each console generation displaying slightly less of a quantum leap forward than before.

That said, there were a few teaser trailers that stood out for me. Stray, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ghostwire Tokyo, Little Devil Inside, and Deathloop all received the “fuck yeah!” seal of approval from yours truly. Enough to tempt me into shelling out for a new console though? Nah. Unless anything changes, I’ll even be able to play the most appealling game – Stray – on the PS4, since it’s slated as a cross-generation release.

I’m a sucker for cyberpunk. [Image: Polygon]

There’s also no representation from my favourite genres/series’ – personal system sellers including JRPGs, retro-revivals, Ryo Ga Gotoku/Yakuza or fighting games. Obviously, it will all come at some point but it doesn’t look like any of this will be available at launch or immediately afterwards. Maybe this is the perfect time for Namco to make good on that M.I.A Tekken X Street Fighter crossover? Jus’ sayin’.

Secondly, the software line-up appears to be incredibly Westernised. Where’s the Japanese stuff? I do enjoy both, but it tends to be the Japanese-styled stuff that swings purchase decisions for me (hence why I’ve never been a huge Xbox fan in the past).

Thirdly, there’s just too much from the current gen and previous that I haven’t gotten around to. It’s a first-world problem that seems to only get worse with each console generation. I tend to play only a small number of titles out of everything that grabs my interest. With so many PS4, PS3, PSVita and older games still on my radar, it makes little sense to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds for “new” gaming experiences.

The temptations will arrive in due course – I have zero doubt on that. But, right now, I’m really not sold at all.

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