What does Tecmo have against PS4 owners?

I’ve made no secret that Dead or Alive is one of my favourite fighting game series’ and I’ve also made no secret of the fact that I enjoy the unashamed smut that Tecmo’s fighter has peddled ever since its debut. So I was disappointed when they decided to get serious with DOA6 and dial back the sexy stuff for the sake of being more “acceptable” and modern. Thankfully, that change in philosophy didn’t turn out to be too radical and we didn’t see Kasumi and co. trying to duke it out dressed as nuns.

That said, I still haven’t picked the game up. Partly because I still feel that I have some mileage to extract from DOA5 and partly because I wasn’t a fan of the in-game unlock system for new costumes. However, I sat up and took some notice when the new Seaside Eden season pass was announced, compromising of a new beach stage and a truckload of bikinis. The pass is to cost $79.99 USD which is a lot of money but I assumed that wouldn’t matter. After all, if I finally took the plunge with Dead or Alive 6, I could just cherry-pick individual costumes…couldn’t I?


This was where I discovered something pretty surprising and annoying. For those who have been playing DOA6 for a while now, this is probably a really dated rant but I genuinely had no idea that costumes can be purchased individually on every platform EXCEPT for the PS4…in the West. Playing DOA6 on the PS4 in an Asian market? No problem. Xbox One or PC? We got your individual costume purchases covered, buddy. PS4 in America or Europe though? Fuck you, says Tecmo.

What sense does this make exactly? I can’t see one although I have come across two possible theories that I think are both a load of old cobblers.

  1. Sony is to blame for wanting to keep the PS Store uncluttered and streamlined
  2. It is a marketing strategy in order to make more money in the West by forcing punters to purchase season passes or entire sets of DLC

The first theory makes some sense initially. Anybody who dabbled in DLC for either the PS3 or PS4 incarnations of DOA5 knows how awful the organisation of the DLC was and the nightmare of pissing about with compatibility catalogues or trying to make old DLC purchases work with updated versions of the game. So it would be understandable if Sony insisted on keeping things clean with DOA6. But this theory falls apart when you remember that PS4 owners in Asian markets can buy whatever the hell they want.


The second theory also has no legs when Xbox One and PC owners don’t have to commit to a season pass.

So why are Western PS4 owners snubbed? I honestly don’t know but what I DO know is that I won’t be buying Dead or Alive 6 until Tecmo sort this shit out. Some may argue that missing out on the DLC (especially superficial sexy stuff) won’t harm my enjoyment of the actual game and while I agree with that, I also know that I purchased a lot of DLC for DOA5 and I would likely want to do similar with 6. This isn’t even an anti-DLC rant. I want to buy what Tecmo/Team Ninja are selling but it’s the principle of being forced into buying a mega-expensive season pass that turns me off, especially when owners of other platformers don’t have to deal with that crap.

Sort it out, Tecmo.

5 thoughts on “What does Tecmo have against PS4 owners?

    1. The full on nudity mods have been around on the PC versions for a while now haven’t they? They are a bit TOO much for me if I’m being honest! But yeah, Sony is a prime suspect in this one. I’ve always been a Playstation/Sony guy but their recent stance on censorship has made me lose a bit of respect for them. You know it’s a f’ed up world when a less censored DOAXtreme game is released on a Nintendo console over a Playstation…

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  1. DOA6 is an unfinished game. Why won’t studios let games finish before they come out? A month or two isn’t gonna be affecting sales for DOA6, which has always had a core fanbase anyway.


    1. You know, I WAS shocked at how fast the game hit the shelves post-announcement. The problem for me is that I keep asking what 6 offers me that 5 doesn’t. Graphics, gameplay, content, more creative freedom for the devs… 5 still does it all for me. I don’t want to come across as somebody who is moaning about new games all the time but the industry is really irritating at the moment in general. Like you say, games being rushed is a real turn-off, especially when you are expected to pay full price and just wait for updates or DLC to fix the issues. Rant over!

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