Bad-ass Cammy art print by Artgerm

Videogame artwork or any sort of art from artists with something to do with gaming is one of my favourite things about the hobby. I’m pretty big into art in general outside of gaming so the two things tend to go really well together and you will definitely be seeing a lot more art-related content here on Darkstalker90 Gaming in the future. Today however is just a quick one to show off this awesome signed A3 print of everybody’s favourite British special agent with the killer booty.


(To see the raw image without my utterly amateurish flash glare reflecting off the plastic frame frontage, click HERE)

The artist behind this stunning work is Stanley Lau a.k.a “Artgerm”, a pretty prolific artist who has produced countless fantastic pieces based on videogame and comic book characters over the years. Cammy is one of my favourite characters so when I saw this, I had to have it. I really love how the image is colourless save for the red of her gloves and beret. The fact that this is hand-signed is a nice bonus too. All I have done is mount it inside a simple edge-less frame with a perspex front, ready for hanging (hence the nasty flash glare ruining one of the print’s focal points!)

Very happy with it.

You can visit Artgerm’s store here to purchase a print of this image amongst other lovely things.

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