If you’ve read my very first, popping-of-the-Wordpress-cherry feature here on Darkstalker90 Gaming then you will know that I am a big fan of the PSP and believe it has a very underrated (and often written-off) library. Naturally, the token ports of bigger brother home console games didn’t do the platform much justice but the exclusive stuff? Now we’re talking. Unless a downsized conversion is actually worth buying then I tend to stick to exclusives that made the PSP worth owning alongside its contemporary home console peers and that’s fine because there are more than a few. Anyway, I recently added a few new bits to my collection courtesy of an online buddy who was getting rid of some things and did me a great deal.

Fate/EXTRA Collector’s Edition


This is the European collector’s edition of Fate/EXTRA published over here by Ghostlight. Annoyingly, I used to own this exact set a while ago but I sold it off along with a lot of other stuff to create space and cut down on games that I’d never play. The set has increased in value since then thanks to the collector’s side of the PSP market but I’d always wondered whether I’d missed out on anything by not playing before selling. The box includes a nice artbook + soundtrack CD combo:




If there’s one thing that the PSP was a standout platform for then it was puzzle games. I have quite a few already but there always seems to be more that I didn’t know about. Echochrome is a game that I’d heard of in name but knew nothing of. I’ve probably seen this knocking around on pre-owned shelves for a few pounds in the past and ignored it but now I have a copy. It certainly looks unique from the back of the box so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s what.

Everybody’s Golf


Confession time: despite being a Sony/Playstation fanboy, I have not yet played an Everybody’s Golf game – not even one of the PS1 versions despite being aware of how enjoyable they are meant to be. I guess I will now be able to rectify that particular sin.

Twinbee Portable


Another genre that the PSP excels in? Retro compilations. Unfortunately, many of the best didn’t leave Japan but that’s okay when the PSP is region-free. Twinbee is a series of cute and colourful arcade shooters by Konami (remember when they used to make actual interesting games?) and this pack collects together Twinbee, Detana!! Twinbee, Pop’n Twinbee, Twinbee Yahho and a remake of the Gameboy’s Twinbee Da! I’m really looking forward to playing this as Konami used to be a major force in gaming, developing awesome games as well bright, arcade hits that everybody can enjoy. It’s a shame that they appeared to have almost flushed themselves completely down the crapper but at least we can relive the good times with compilations like this.

So that’s what I gone bought for my tower of PSP shame. In complete honesty (and contrast to this post), I haven’t bought many games at all for ages. I am genuinely trying to downsize my collection and save some money by not buying up anything and everything that interests me because there isn’t enough time to play all of these damn games and eventually you realise that these masses of plastic actually hold a lot of monetary value – incredibly hard to hold onto when you have other hobbies and interests that need financing. However, when you get offered a good deal on some uncommon games from a friend then it’s usually not wise to pass it up, especially when PSP software is generally steadily increasing in value for the good stuff.

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